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happy birthday to me!

Written By: witchypo - May• 17•15

This weekend, I was shocked and torn when my BF offered to buy us a set of kayaks as my B-day gift.

You see, I’ve wanted a canoe or kayak of my own since I was a teenager, but I’ve only ever used a kayak a couple of times at campsites and resorts, and wasn’t sure I’d like it, and I didn’t want him being ‘forced’ into anything. Funny thing was, though, that he kept bringing it back up, so we talked about how we’d deal if we didn’t like or use them, and raced to Canadian Tire to grab a pair.

Then, excited and nervous, we drove to Jordan, where we put in near a campsite.

I was wobbly as all get-out getting in, but paddled a little off-shore and was figuring it out when my BF got into his and rolled straight into the drink.  So, he climbed out, drained the boat, and tried again, only to roll it a second time, after which he assured me there was no danger of getting stuck in it, because the boat ‘launched’ him out  each time.

Then, laughing and struggling, we started working our way downstream to Jordan Harbor. Along the way, we got to check out turtles and swans, along with the beautiful spring time scenery. Eventually, however, I felt the strain of the new exercise, and decided it was best not to hurt ourselves first time out, so I suggested we head back to the truck.

Along the way, we took some time to just kind of drift through a marsh and it reminded me of the many hours I spent doing that sort of thing when I was a kid… so peaceful and lazy and beautiful …(!) ‘Now, this is what I’m talkin’ about!’ I told my BF, and thanked him. Then, worried he might not be enjoying as I was, I asked what he thought of the whole deal and was thrilled to find that he was as ‘into it’ as I was.

Now, we’re both jazzed and looking forward to exploring in our ‘banana boats’, and our friends who boat are excited too, because we’ll be able to hook up and play together this summer. Think the biggest thrill for me, though, is knowing that… once again… I’ll be able to sneak out early some mornings when the mists are still hanging over the mirror-like waters, and watch Mother Nature wake up. Good morning, world!

Thanks for the bestest B-day gift ever, baby!

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