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galeton video trial

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Road Trip

Since meeting, my BF and I have been challenging each other to find or share places we like. Because he’s a life long resident of the Niagara Region, while I’ve spent decades elsewhere, he’s done most of the ‘sharing’. In June, however, we rode north  to Algonquin (Park) and then east to the Pembroke (Ontario) area, where […]

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Toronto Motor Sport Speedway 2011

Thanks to everyone who joined us on our Jun/Jul 2011 trip to Toronto MotorSport Speedway! It was a great weekend as you’ll see. Oh, and for the girl that asked “how come they get a pool?” the answer is “because Penny and I were smart enough to bring one.” 

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‘So,’ my daughter asked, ‘how’s that Jappageddon thing going…?’ ‘Japa-what?!’ I sputtered, even as I realized that, without cable, she wouldn’t know specifics like the name of the nuclear plant involved, but must have listenned to what I’d said about the meltdown in Japan and my concern for what it’s doing to the Earth. ‘Good […]

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mortgage shopping

When I bought my house a few years ago, I signed the mortgage without really understanding it. I mean, I knew someone was lending me money and that I’d probably end up paying them 2 ½ times that amount back, but I told myself it was an ‘investment’ , not a ‘debt’, and moved on. […]

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the ‘other’ button

Ok, so mybe I’ve had my head stuffed so far up my arse that I’m only now hearing of Obama’s lagging popularity, but I have caught a few news items lately that concerned me… There was an announcement by a group of North American church leaders, for example, about the growing belief that ‘spirituality’s’ more […]

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