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Written By: witchypo
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me in the Adirondaks

Hi! I’m Lynn, a grandmother who enjoys yoga, digital photography, and web building. At least I did until a series of events in my life began affecting everything from my health to my hobbies. Now, so much change has changed me to the point that I don’t always know what I ‘can’ or ‘want’ to do until I try, and often surprise myself.

When my Witchypoo.com site hit a serious snag early in 2013, for example, I was shocked by how calmly I set aside all the technical, artistic, and personal development I’d invested over 11 years and simply accepted its demise. The truth, however, was that my failure to update it regularly for the past 18 months or so had less to do with ‘time’ than it did its no longer suiting my needs. Rather than cling to the shreds of my web building dreams, then, I decided to make a voluntary change in the hope it might help get a handle on all the others.

What I’ll be doing is using this space as a sort of virtual ‘vision board’, which is a simple tool for helping you focus your energy on a particular goal or bring something you want into your life. It’s usually just a peice of paper (like ‘Bristol board’) that you decorate with images (such magazine clippings or photos) and text (which could include positive affirmations, quotes, etc).

In this case, this site’ll be my ‘board’, my posts will be my ‘clippings’, and the mosaic they create as they’re assembled will not only represent my hopes and dreams, but also (hopefully) give me a better ‘picture’ of who I am now.
I’ll also be broadening the range of topics I post about and re-naming this site “justlynn.com” in a tip-of-the-hat to the blogger tendancy to practice public self-gratification. I just hope that you’ll get off on watching this process as much as I do.


  1. Peter S. Beagle says:

    Dear Lynn:

    I only became aware of Juneteenth – and I grew up in New York City with black friends, including the first girl I dated seriously – when I was covering the Poor People’s Campaign as a reporter, living for almost five weeks in a plywood shack on the Mall in Washington D.C. It’ll be fifty Junes next year, and my neighbors in the encampment were celebrating Juneteenth as best they good, setting off forbidden firecrackers on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I’ve never forgotten that time, or those people – or the fact that more young people in this semi-barbaric nation know about Juneteenth than I did when I was young. Even some of the white ones, these days. Some…

    • witchypo says:

      Hello there, Mr. Beagle; Truth be told, I was unaware of the ‘Juneteenth’ celebration but, thanks to your comment, I’ve learned something new and interesting today. I appreciate your opening my mind a little more today and your visit to my site.
      Lynn <|: )

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