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 Below, in no particular order, are some of the amazing people in my world…


world famous Upstream Dave

the world famous Upstream Dave


Upstream Dave

One man band & wild man, Upstream Dave turns any gathering into a ‘party’!  To book the world famous Upstream Dave for your next event, please visit the facebook link above or comment (below) to request contact information.  



Stonekeep Neos

Stonekeep Neos

Stonekeeps Neapolitan Mastiffs

When Cathy, a life long pet owner & groom with more than 3 decades of horse and dog experience, decided to buy a mastiff she had no idea what she was getting herself into. Once the pup arrived, though, it was clear it was ‘LOVE’! If you love mastiffs or want your pet groomed by someone who cares as much about them as you do visit her site to book an apointment or learn about her kennel.




looner creations

looner creations

Looner Creations

If you love unique hand crafted jewelry but don’t think it’s ‘unaffordable’… think again… because Looner Creations is a veritable treasure chest of affordable & exotic gems. Don’t see what you’re after? Contact Pam to have your dream bead or chain jewelry design brought to life.


Trevor Davies Computer Services  As a former HP representative, head ‘Geek’, & contract technician for the Canadian government, Trevor knows computers – inside and out – but always puts people first. If you are a …

entrepreneur/manager searching for the right person to handle the technology you don’t understand but that your business needs

a gamer or designer wanting help taking your system to the next level

anyone wanting to save an old computer or deal with new ones

… Trevor’s the guy to call. Professional, presentable, personable, & fun. Visit him online and thank me later ; )



VideoSign Inc

VideoSign Inc

VideoSign Inc  When my friends Paul & Andrew have an idea… they really have an idea! … and this one’s really taking off! If a picture’s worth a thousand words, just imagine what a video featuring your product, service, event, or profile can say about your business. To learn more, please visit their site or contact VideoSigns Inc. on facebook.


doggy styles pet services

doggy styles pet services

Doggy Styles Pet Services 

Ask any pet-erosexual in the GTA how they do it and they’ll tell you… paws down… it’s ‘Doggy Styles‘.  Just spent the weekend running with the big dogs and gotta lose the flees before you start your week? Are you a cool cat looking to bling out the collar your people bought you? Then Doggy Styles is the place for you. Call Michael or Rochelle to book your appointment today!


Ninepatch OnLine Magazine


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  1. Olivia Truelove says:

    I am cotacting you to see if you might be interested in selling your domain name (Witchypoo.com). Witcypoo is a relatives nick name and I figured no harm asking if it could be bought for her. Your concideration would be appriciated; contact me at Kayakboy196@yahoo.com if you might be interested.

    • witchypo says:

      Dear Kayakboy196;
      Thank you for your interest in purchasing my URL, but I’m not interested in selling it at this point. I would post an offer to sell it if I ever decided to though, and wish you luck in finding an alternate gift for your relative. <|: )

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