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Turkey Tail Mushroom Kit

Written By: witchypo - Nov• 12•14

Lately, I’ve talked quite a bit about my health and while my BF doesn’t want to hear it, my buddy Mike the Mushroom Guy apparently did. In fact, he surprised me a couple of weeks ago by giving me a bag of Turkey Tail mushrooms he collected and telling me I should make tea with them and that it’d help me with my health problems.

‘Wow! Thanks!’ I told him, although I’ve got to admit that when I saw them I wasn’t sure I wanted to use them because they looked kind of nasty. Since he’d been kind enough to go to the effort, though, I popped online to see what I could learn about them. To my great surprise, I quickly learned that these humble mushrooms have some amazing healing properties and that they’ve been used to treat a variety of illnesses for thousands of years.

So, I asked Mike about preparation and he suggested I make a tea with them, which I did, and found it had a very mild and neutral flavor that wasn’t ‘nasty’ at all. The only thing is that if I’m going to be taking this tea on a regular, I figured I should probably buy a few tools to make it easier to make, so tonight I stopped by a 2nd hand shop and picked a few things up.

mushroom processing kit

mushroom processing kit

Since I need to make sure the dosage is right, I grabbed a small kitchen scale, along with a food grinder and a tea bell and for a grand total of $6 I was set. Now, its just a matter of getting into the habit of taking it on a daily and we’ll see if it makes a difference to my health.

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