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mushroom madness

Written By: witchypo - Dec• 05•14

Okay. This is a little weird even for me, but…

Recently, I wrote that the tendinitis pain I’ve been dealing with for years had, suddenly, begun to disappear, and that I’m not sure whether or not its the Turkey Tail mushroom tea I’ve been drinking or not, but I’m thrilled(!) This week, though, I also realized that the other problems I’ve been having… headaches, burning sensations in my skin, pain in my major joints (neck, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, etc), sleep issues, and more have suddenly disappeared too. Even the wickedly sore throat and roughness on the back of my tongue that I’ve had for days has just suddenly and completely disappeared!

The only thing is that I feel as though there’s something going on in my head… not sure how to describe it… like a feeling of fullness and a tingling or creeping sensation as though, periodically, my brain’s releasing something in the system and its flowing around in there.

Of course, with my family’s history with strokes and aneurysms, I can’t help being a little worried and if it keeps happening I may go back to Dr. Dreamy, ‘just in case’, but I wonder if perhaps the mushrooms are cleaning things out… maybe allowing a change in the flow of energy that I’m able to feel, if not ‘understand'(?)

Anyways, just wanted to share and sort of track this in case it becomes important or maybe someone else who’s using these mushrooms cares to know <|: )

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