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I did it! I read Tarot!

Written By: witchypo - Feb• 04•15

Okay, for almost a year, now, I’ve been playing with the idea of getting back into the Tarot… looking for someone else- who’s into it too so we can practice, exchange skills and readings… but, while a few people have said they’re interested, none were willing to put in the effort of showing up.

Some time before the Xmas, though, I found out that this chick I sorta’ know and respect was interested, and I put the offer out. Took a while but she finally showed up the other night and I was thrilled! I was also nervous, because its been ages and my self-doubt was running high, but I simply forced myself to pick up the cards and see what happened.

Not knowing her well, I opted to start with a ‘horoscope’ spread… just to kinda’ get a snap shot of who she is… and, while I had no idea of ‘what’ I was reading about, I did the best I could. Didn’t take long before I started feeling some of the old flow… kinda getting into it… but, of course, I doubted myself the whole time. Am I even in the same zip code as ‘close'(?) I wondered, and couldn’t tell because she played her cards close to her chest, so to speak.

Anyways, that spread took a lot longer than I expected. Heck! I barely remembered what the various placements meant… but when the last card was lain and I asked if she had any questions or comments, she told me that I was bang on!

Apparently, she’s gotten a lot of readings done and by many psychics, including some quasi-famous locals, and she shocked me by saying that my accuracy and amount of detail was up there with the best of them. Even more surprising was that she felt that I delivered it with an ‘innocent honesty’ she said she’s never seen before, and that I brought her what she called ‘validation’.

How the heck I did that, I don’t know, especially because I felt so rusty and out of touch. But, I’ve got to admit that hearing I was accurate and had talked about issues in her life that I had no way of knowing about made me think that maybe I’ve still got it in me. Encouraging!

Now, I just hope that she’ll give me the chance to work with her again, so maybe I can get my hand back in and get comfy with the cards again.

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