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a rough introduction

Written By: witchypo - Apr• 26•15

Okay! For the past week or so I’ve been stressing because I’ve not only had to worry about that former roommate coming back to cause trouble, but working hard to clean the mess he left and find another roomy before my ‘good’ roommate leaves the country in a month or two. After all, without roommates, I could potentially lose my house!

Yesterday, though, I got a call from a friend who said they had a potential roomy for me, and I rushed to meet them. The whole way there, of course, I worried about repeating mistakes and such, but as soon as I saw ‘who’ we were talking about, I was relieved, because the ‘kid’ (he’s probably in his mid 30’s, but still a ‘kid’ to us) is someone I’ve sort of known for months, and while we’ve never really had a conversation, I’ve seen that he tends to be quiet, respectful, and polite.

Still, I couldn’t help worrying whether it would be a ‘mistake’ or not.

As soon as we got a moment to chat, though, my worry became less for me and more for him because our mutual friends started stepping in to ‘help’, and warned him that if there were any problems he’d be answering to them as well as me. In fact, they were so firm in their language and such that I, actually, felt sorry for the guy and started wondering if they’d scare him off completely!

Hopefully, however, he’ll understand as I did that they truly wanted this to work for both of us, and we’ll be able to work out a deal. Wish me luck!

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