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review 2016 year of the Monkey

Written By: witchypo - Jan• 06•17

Well, its time to say goodbye to the monkey, is it?

Travel: went to Sosua, Dominican Republic in Feb., Byng Camp Grounds, Dunville, in the summer, but stayed within the Niagara Region, otherwise. Went to street festivals, bike runs, hiked, and kayaked a few ‘new’ creeks along the Niagara and Welland rivers.

House: no big changes, converted lights (basement) to LED, added spinach – other flowers and such to yard, refined the look, added tarp to front porch for winter, started decorating. Also, lost roommate Josh and gained Zig, Lou’s still here. Had an infestation of Maple Bugs again, but not as bad as last year.

Money: no major advances or set-backs, always seemed to have ‘enough’ and to get by.

Weather: had a typical winter/spring, then a long, dry, hot summer, hardly any fall, and winter’s been GREAT! with more rain than snow. It Jan. and I’ve only shoveled once, about an inch of snow. Worried for the world, though.

Health: fairly stable, with continuing concerns about increasing pulse rate, lungs, etc. but my head doesn’t feel like its got an orange growing in it any more. Still stuck on Turkey Tail.

Family: Both my brother (and his family) and sister visited, which was a big deal. Daughter finally bought a car. Son ended long-term relationship with a toxic GF. Spent more than usual time with BF’s family. Mom still alive and kicking in the home.

Friends: continued to develop friendship with MA and Lady Di. Making friends with Zig. Lost Mr. B. Haven’t been as active with larger circle of BF’s friends this year. Spent most of my time with him or my favorite girls.

Work: no big changes, got small raise, relationship with manager still toxic, although owner seems to have softened a little late summer.

BF/GF relationship: BF seemed more considerate this spring than usual, but once weather warmed up he often lost to his puppet-master. Oh, and he stopped with the shut-downs early summer (also gave me trip to DR and best B-day ever!) but was slowly but surely driving me nuts. By Sept. I couldn’t take it any more and I told him he had to cut the strings or I’d have to leave. From then to Xmas it was a constant struggle, but at the 11th hour, he seems to have decided ‘we’ are worth it, and he’s showing effort. Made it through our 6th year together!

Otherwise, this seemed a ‘fast’, hot year, with lots of chances to feel like a movie star, hanging in a rich man’s swimming pool, going to the beach, seeing what’s left of nature in the area. (Saw my 1st live/wild mink!) Paddled from Byng to the point, and so many other miles. Slowly but surely getting more confident in driving. Put a lot of miles on with traveling every week to see kids, get dental work done in Welland, etc. Started cleaning/sorting/decorating my space like never before. Over all, relationships went well this year, but still sick-sad about Josh and B : ( and worried about environment and politics with Trump election in the States. Never made it to PA – might not go again this year.

Only ‘monkey’ traits of the year that I noticed were that I was always busy, esp. with hands/working, and it went ‘fast’ and included lots of opportunity to ‘play’.

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