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checking my bucket list

Written By: witchypo - Jan• 29•18

Late in 2017, my BF put his bike into a shop to get some repairs and upgrades done, and it’s been collecting dust, since. Then, Friday, the weather was good enough that he took it for a ‘test’ drive to Thorold, and he found that something wasn’t ‘right’. So, he worked on it off and on through the weekend and, yesterday, asked me to go with him so that he’d have an extra set of ears.

Of course, we only did a short ride in town, but getting out with him meant that I can, finally, say that I’ve ridden every month of the year, which might not mean much to others but, for me, it’s another item I can check off my ‘bucket list’.

We also went for a walk along the Rootbeer River and, while it wasn’t the nicest day, I got to check out my new camera (Xmas gift). Can’t wait to see how the pics turned out. 

Thanks, baby : ) 

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