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self-deception – a comment on a video series @ actualized.org

Written By: witchypo - Apr• 06•18

Over the past couple of days I’ve watched Leo‘s (actualized.org) 3-part video series about ‘self-deception‘, and very much wish I had the time and patience to review and write each down for future reference.

As I watched it, I frequently found myself recalling the years of frustration or despair I’ve suffered because I’ve allowed myself to believe something or behave in ways that I’ve deceived myself into accepting as ‘right’ or ‘natural’ or ‘beyond my control or ken’. I’ve, also, recalled some of the convoluted, long-lived struggles I’ve gone through to see beyond these deceptions, and the often too-brief moments of deep and soul-shaking realization of ‘truth’ I’ve been blessed with along the way.

Of course, this process has taken me the better part of 40 years, and I readily acknowledge that ‘realizing’ something only, generally, presents the ‘opportunity’ or ‘choice’ to use it to change some aspect of my beliefs, personality, or behavior. Actually incorporating each into my ‘self’ and learning to believe or behave accordingly has, ironically and often only led to even more struggle but I’ve, eventually, learned that such is the case in so many aspects of life.

More than anything, though, I couldn’t help appreciating the time, effort, and discipline that Leo must have put into the creation of these videos, let alone the years of education and training that allow him to do so. While he admits, himself, to a certain level of mercenary motivation behind their creation and dissemination, I tend to suspect and admire his generosity of spirit, delightful humor and playfulness, and ability to concisely and effectively convey complex concepts in readily digestible and elegantly simple ways.

Unfortunately, I’ve searched his sight and can’t find a synopsis (or list) of the various forms of self-deception discussed in this series which, were it available, I would print and keep handy as a guide and reminder. So, I’ll simply post a link to the first video and will have to re-watch them periodically, I suppose.

3-part video series about self-deception

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