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2018 review

Written By: witchypo - Jan• 15•19

With 2018 passing, and time seemingly moving quicker and quicker for me as I age, I thought I’d take a moment to make a few notes while everything’s still relatively fresh in my mind…


Late spring, Dan, Zig, and I reworked the back of the yard – relocating and adding plants – creating a ‘fairy’ garden for my grand-kids, and extending the veggie garden. The tomatoes and Swiss Chard did well, although the squirrels made off with just about anything edible. Next year, I want to add Brussel Sprouts and other dark greens. I also put in some garlic from dear departed Adolf’s garden. (God’s rest his soul.) Oh! and we had another infestation of maple bugs, which I’ve learned can be controlled with dish soap and water in a sprayer. Finally got the front door painted, the front stairs parged, and made a new winter tarp for the front porch. Really prefer the new design.

At Dan’s, we scrapped like mongrels, but ended up redoing part of the Dog House floor, adding a sink… and he rewired the house and got insulation blown in.


This year, Mom moved to Niagara, and it’s been a struggle dealing with her health issues, let alone her attitude. She’s had 2 or 3 episodes when she’s gone off her nut, and her doctor is of little use. At least she’s here, now, and we can help her. It would have been impossible for us to do anything with her living on the other side of the province.

The grand-kids are doing great. The little guy has finally begun to understand and even speak French! A huge relief, since both Anglophone parents aren’t teaching it at home. Meanwhile, lil Miss is growing like a weed and turning into quite the little ‘mother’.

Meanwhile, things between my kids and I have remained stable, or even improved a bit, which is nice. While Dan’s family has had their ups and downs, but seem fine.


2018 began with Richard’s death. He’ll always be missed. Dan and I had said we’d put a plaque in the Dog House, but haven’t gotten around to it, yet. We also threw a 60th birthday party for Di, which went very well. We got closer to Ange and Matt, and I’ve unfortunately gotten less time with MA. In November, we lost Zig.


Didn’t do nearly as much traveling as we usually do. Went to Watkins Glenn one weekend, and spent another at Byng. We also rode in the bike games at the Bro Bash for the 1st time. Otherwise, just biking, bicycling (bought a cruiser this year), and walking. Dan went to Cuba in December.


This was a funky year when it came to cloud cover. I’ve noticed we get fewer and fewer clear days, and storms were strange… mostly missing us, but hitting hard when they did. Fall was practically a non-event, being comprised of a couple of weeks of cool rain and everyone stuck inside. Didn’t get out for even one walk in the leaves. Winter’s been so mild so far that I’ve seen some of my transplants sending shoots up in Dec.


My health took a dive this spring, eventually landing me in emergency. I fainted 3 or 4 times, and could get no real help from doctors. Cathy got me to try a suedo Keto diet, and it’s made a world of diff. My health’s been more stable than it has in years, since!

Work has been ‘status quo’ all the way, and there’s been little else worth recalling.


If I take anything away from this year, it’ll be…

  • to continue to use positive mindset and hard work to bring improvements to my material existence… trust that you”ll always have enough, and to aim high, because anything’s possible
  • to continue to value relationships above all else, but also to know when they’re a dead end, and to move on… there’s always more to be had
  • you are what you eat
  • I am a strong, capable, loving person who deserves good things in my life!

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