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a gothic rhyme

Written By: witchypo - Jan• 24•11

One night while Death was on his rounds
he found her in the burial grounds
a gothic girl as pale as he
with hair of silken ebony
supine upon a granite tomb
her milky gown lit by the moon

All the ages spent alone
then weighed upon his weary bones
so that he craved to hold her near
to taste her lips and call her ‘dear’

And bending low, Death kissed her cheek
felt her heart beat, wild and weak

“I’m sorry! I thought it was time…”
Death knew, then, he’d been out of line
“But when I herd you call my name…”
She laughed, “It’s me! I played a game!”
and slipping off the polished stone
she reached for his hand of bone

“Have we met, we two, before?”
still confused, he wasn’t sure
She said they had once, long ago
though at the time she’d cursed him so!
“You took someone I loved so well
I begged to go with him to hell”

“And I refused,” Death understood
“I’ll make amends, it’s right I should”
And taking hold of her small hand
he took her to his nighted land
where they shared his earthy bed
with a tombstone at it’s head

And somewhere ‘tween the dusk and dawn
while Death and goth-girl got it on
he asked her why she showed no fear
whispered it into her ear
“Because life’s but a gasping breath
that comes between each birth and death”

“That’s quite a truth, from one so young!”
Death tasted of her velvet tongue
The goth girl curled her ruby lips
and met him with her ashen hips
‘Besides, we two have met before
So I knew you’d be back for more!’

Big ‘D’ was charmed right to the bone
and so was loathe to take her home
but ‘fore he left her – said ‘so long’
he wrote for her a mournful song
a dirge composed of bitter tears
of still-born dreams and wasted years

And when, sometimes, Death hears her voice
through the void that’s barred by choice
as she sings of that sweet night
her dark lover held her tight
Death whispers, so no one will hear
except his gothic girl so dear…

Little gothic girl… rock on
dancing to your secret song
ignore the looks that people give
when they see the way you live
’cause when your sweet life’s at an end
Death will be your lover – friend.

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