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a prayer

Written By: witchypo - Jan• 24•11


Mother Earth and Father Sun
Night is ending, day’s begun
And in this moment we all meet
I thank you for this life so sweet

To all my many deities
I offer up my fealty
I praise and greet my ancestors
My honoured, bless’d, progenitors

I thank you all and bless you too
For all the boons I have from you
For shelter, food, your guidance too
The faith and hope I have in you

Thanks for loved ones, neighbours, friends
May they have blessings without end
And even for my enemies
I pray one day we’ll live in peace

And beg my gods and ancestors
Protect my (all) kids from predators
From accident and illness too
I pray they’ll be kept safe by you

Now as I start another day
I pray you’ll guide me on my way
Help me do my very best
With this day which I’ve been blessed.

So mote it be!

* a thought * … I often bike before work and have watched the night-blue sky turn to dawn – that special time when the moon and sun smile on the Earth – and find myself saying prayers like this one. With small changes, it’s much the same as what I pray each night, though then I change the first and last stanzas thusly …

Mother Earth and Father Sun
Day is ending, night’s begun
But ‘fore I lay me down to sleep
I thank you for this life so sweet

Now as I end another day
I pray you’ll keep all harm away
Grant I’ll rise when I have rest’
With strength to face my every test

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