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punch drunk

Written By: witchypo - Jan• 24•11

Well, you sit there, baby, talking, yah, I see you move your lips
but I guess I must be punch-drunk – guess I took too many hits
Cause seems to me you’re saying that the two of us gave up
But that aint how it went, boy, so it’s time you just shut up

And listen while I tell you, even after all these years
I still fall asleep on pillows that are soaked with bitter tears
Cause I gave you my heart, boy, yah, I offered up my soul
But you refused my love, cause you just saw it as ‘control’

All my tender kisses, all my lovin’ and my hope
To you were just like punches, babe, that had you on the ropes
Every time I offered you my friendship and my dreams
You herd them like the crowd that chants for blood, their hungry screams

Yah, I’m punch drunk baby, from the shots you’ve given me
Yah, I’m punch drunk, maybe, but I aint too blind to see
That after 18 rounds it’s time to throw in, leave the ring
Cause you don’t know what love is, man, it’s only pain you bring

So you hit me with your best shots, yah, you laid me on the mat
Looked at me, resentful, said ‘be glad I gave you that’
And walked away – a thousand times – hoped I’d just let you win
Cause you would rather lose or die, than to ever just give in

And every round, I got up, shook the blood out of my eyes,
Took another beating, till I finally realized
That if I left the ring, you’d find another girl to fight
Maybe then, you’d love me, learn to finally treat me right

So you can pose for pictures, tell your story to the press
Make yourself the hero, if you’re looking to impress
But never say I gave up, cause I’m still here lovin’ you
Guess I must be punch drunk, or it’s all I know to do

Yah, I’m punch drunk baby, from the shots you gave to me
Yah, I’m punch drunk, maybe, but I aint too blind to see
That after 18 rounds it’s time to get some self respect
So I’m walkin’ out the door and tryin’ hard to just forget
Punch drunk, I may be, but you’re the loser in the end
Cause you coulda’ had ‘forever’ but you slapped away my hand

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