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in the garden

Written By: witchypo - Jan• 24•11

1      I was dreaming I was strolling
        over verdant grasses, rolling
        through a garden, most pleasing to the eye

2      all around me there were flowers
        in blossom laden bowers
        and a forest, just beyond their brilliant ranks

3      while above I saw a sky
        with a sun that glowed on high
        not a cloud besmirched that perfect field of blue

4      now I should have thought it odd
        that no gardener turned the sod
        nor were there children, playing games upon the sward

5      but I could hardly spare a glance
        as, bed to bed, I joined the dance
        of a breeze that led from one bloom to the next

6      and I’d have gone on in this fashion
        relenting to my passion
        for all things green and growing in this place

7      ‘cept a movement caught my eye
        and turning, I did spy
        a roebuck that stepped out from ‘neath the trees

8      king of kings and lord of men
        he was a perfect specimen
        of animated masculinity

9      every inch of his fine from
        from his hooves up to his horns
        spoke of power barely held under control

10    so regal was this beast
        that I didn’t think the least
        when I dropped onto my knees under his power

11    was it lust or was it fear
        made me dread he might come near?
        made me wish for it with all my aching heart!

12    but then he blinked and I was freed
        from the spell he’d cast on me
        with the liquid gaze of his majestic eye

13    quick as his coming, he was gone
        and I, turning, ran headlong
        never stopping, never daring to look back

14    ’till it seemed I’d reached the end
        of this magical Eden
        as I came up short beside a little well

15    round and solid, built of stone
        far below I herd a tone
        of water lapping at it’s mossy sides

16    and as I tried to figure out
        how to get the water out
        I herd a whisper wafting on the breeze

17    ‘what’s this?’ I thought, and looked about
        just the breeze, I had no doubt
        for I was standing at the garden’s very end

18    and as I said, I was alone
        ‘cept for a statue made of stone
        and surely that could never say a word

19    ‘who am I?’ the statue said
        and tilted up her stony head
        ‘fore stepping from the platform where she’d stood

20    I should have ran or screamed
        but I remembered that I dreamed
        and accepted this new turning of events

21    perhaps I knew just what she was
        no wood nymph nor succubus
        but my goddess come to see me in my dreams

22    ‘mother’ filled my sleeping mind
        and she smiled, oh so kind!
        suffusing me with her serenity

23    silent were we, then, a while
        as I stared up at her smile
        and she, a hand, laid on my weary head

24    ‘who am I?’ she raised my chin
        and I felt turmoil within
        as I realized she wanted something more

25    so many names came to me then
        Isis, Hecate, Ceridwen
        she was mother, daughter-huntress and the crone

26    but these were not the names she sought
        so in my head she placed the though
        ‘look deeper into what you’ve seen tonight’

27    then I woke up in my bed
        and my heart felt just like lead
        as the answer came, to late, into my mind

28    for you see, the answer’s plain
        I should have simply said my name

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