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Written By: witchypo - Sep• 25•11

The alarm went off.

I groped for it… couldn’t read it… found my glasses and checked again…

Jesus! The display screen had died an untimely death during the night so all I could see were strange electronic ‘firework’ designs…

Argh! You couldn’t wait ’till I was up… could ya’…?

I rolled back into bed and the stress hit me. 

Unemployment… my so called ‘job’… the house and bills… favours for friends… family… stretched so thin it was a wonder I didn’t ‘snap’… and now this shit with my mother… maybe I was better off

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  1. Lady Zoe Grace says:

    I saw a car with “Read Witchypoo.com” on the back window (Hempstead Turnpike/Long Island)… decided to check it out since I am a practicing Wiccan (Lady Zoe Grace is my Wiccan name) and was curious … I really enjoyed reading your postings and appreciate your words.

  2. witchypo says:

    Oddly enough, while I’ve been planning to get a bumpersticker like that, I’ve yet to have them made, but I’m glad someone else did and that you’ve dropped by. Welcome to a lovely lady with a lovely name <|: )

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