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the ‘C’ word

Written By: witchypo - Nov• 23•11


Ya! You herd me!

I used the ‘C’ word… not the anatomical ‘C’, but the psycholgical ‘C’… ‘counselling’… which most people feel is the most offensive of the two.

Most people I’ve met, though, fall into one of two categories.

One type is the sort that’s never been to a counsellor and bases their opinions on what they’ve seen on TV or herd through friends. They tend to have negative opinions and imagine that it’s all about ink blots, naked parents, and meddling ‘know-it-alls’. The other type is the sort that has seen a counsellor and is either ashamed to admit it, had a negative experience, or uses that fact for ‘bragging rights’ to show how ‘messed up’ or ‘different’ they are.

In my world, though, counselling isn’t a ‘dirty’ word. It’s a process that offers us the oportunity to gain professional insight into the human condition and to be afforded tools to manage one’s own mental and emotional well-being. That’s why I posted an entry in my blog recently stating that I’d gone to an emergency counselling centre and am beginning sessions with a counsellor (I’ll be referring to as ‘C’).

Of course, there are those who’d question my choice to speak of this or who’ll lack interest in the topic, but there may be those who’d bennefit from hearing about my experience. I’ll also likely post occaionally about my sessions, possibly using this site as a virtual ‘workbook’, so it helps to share a little ‘background’ for random visitors.

And here you thought I was kidding when I said ‘welcome to my world’! LOL <|: )

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  1. Mikki Maxwell says:

    Hmmmm I can remember when you were one of those people who condemned others for going to counseling. It is interesting that you are now the one in the hot seat being condemned.

  2. OB says:

    I can relate. Going through psych classes for teaching, I thought I was “smart” enough to recognize emotional abuse from a boyfriend…I followed all the cycles of abuse “pushing” it to back of my mind. I thought i’d never end up a victim. I am happy to say that “I AM in control of my own life now. I still talk to him, under MY terms! NOT his anymore. Yes, he is having a hard time. I advised him to seek counceling also…instead he is taking too much Zanex…it’s not that I’m against meds that can help, but without counceling, he will never heal. He says it’s because of me. Blaming again. I wish he’d go, like I did, and started the process. It’s just not like him to confess he is wrong for controlling me. I became extremely physically ill from him… Why do I feel like he is trying to “play” the victim now? A cycle of abuse, and the past 6 yrs of other PAIN is something you never plan!

    • witchypo says:

      Why does he act like he’s the victim… likely because he hasn’t accepted responsibility for his choices… that he doesn’t even recognize ‘choice’. Luckily, you do, and are now choosing a healthier life for yourself. Congrats!
      Oh! And you’ll likely hear this a lot, but just remember that you also have the choice not to take his crap on yourself. You are who you are, not who he… or anyone else tells you you are! Good luck with your new life <|:)

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