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angel lady

Written By: witchypo - Apr• 23•12

This winter, while helping a friend promote their new business, we offered their card to a stranger we encountered on the way out of a store and were surprised when the stranger asked – specifically – about the phone number on it because it was ‘lucky’ and meant ‘angels’ were watching over us.
‘Angels…?’ my friend laughed, later. ‘D’you think she’ll call… and do we WANT her to…?’
‘She’ll call,’ I said with enough confidence for my friend to question me, so I told her that I sometimes get impressions when I meet people. Sometimes, it’s an impression of their life experience… that they’ve suffered some trauma, put a lot of miles on, or that kind of thing. Sometimes, it’s that they’ll be a boon or bane to me. And, sometimes, it’s that our paths have crossed before or will again. In this case, it was simply the latter, I explained, and I’d gotten the feeling there might be something we were ‘suposed’ to say to each other.
For weeks after that, I checked phone and email messages more carefully and half epected to run into the stranger in the neighbourhood, but eventually figured my impression had been ‘off’.
Then, my friend’s phone rang one day and I recognized the caller. ‘Told you so…’ I chuckled, as she took the phone and booked the appointment.
Curious, I dropped by the salon just before the ‘angel lady’ arrived, and waited while she and my friend conducted their business. Just when it looked like she’d leave without saying anything significant, though, the ‘angel lady’ noticed I’d been using my Tarot cards and asked about them.
Next thing I knew, I was shuffling… we were chatting… and… and she was recoiling in her seat.
‘I get the feeling,’ she said, as she suddenly donned a ‘kicked puppy’ look, ‘that you carry a lot of sadness…’
I nodded, chuckled, and kept talking.
‘It’s like ‘anger’… isn’t it…?’ she interrupted, again later, so I acknowledged it but tried to keep the conversation going in another direction.
‘It’s got to do with your past…(?)’ she ventured, and segued into a statement about her own experiences.
We continued chatting and, later, she reached up and gently grabbed the back of her neck – pulling her hands down her shoulder muscles as though to ease a kink. ‘You get a lot of pain in your shoulders… don’t you…?’ she stated.
I laughed because she was ‘right’ and because she was aparently reacting to me as I had to others I’d met… talked to on the phone… or read Tarot for. Even as I did so, though, I also felt sympathy for them – and for her – because I knew what it was like to be ‘hit’ with people’s emotions.
Having someone mirror mine like that, though, was as unsettling as it was amusing.
‘Maybe that’s why I’ve met her…?’ I thought, and realized that having just decided to pick the cards up again after a very long time, it might be useful to remember just how my readings could affect people.
Of course, we said a lot to each other over the next hour or so – much of which was bits and peices of past experiences and questions more than anything – and some of which may prove important or valuable later, but nothing that stood out as what I was ‘suposed’ to hear. Nor, did I say much I thought would make a difference to her. More importantly, though, we promised each other to stay in touch, and I’m sincerely hoping we will.
Call it a hunch, but I just get the impression there’s something to be gained for both of us from our meeting and that it didn’t happen for the sake of an angel’s amusement <|; )

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