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coconut rice and shrimp, steamed carrots, and sallad

Written By: witchypo - May• 03•12

Yes, cooking in a single man’s kitchen can be a challenge, but even the most pathetic veggies in a bin can make a meal. This one started with a small bag of frozen shrimp and a handfull or two of rice…

coconut rice + shrimp with steamed carrots and sallad
coconut rice + shrimp with steamed carrots and sallad

After picking through the fridge and tossing a little Basmatti rice on the stove to boil, I pan fried pre-cooked shrimp in a tsp or so of garlic butter until browned, then added diced green onion, red and yellow peppers, and mushrooms. Just before they were ‘cooked’, I threw in some shaved coconut, some garlic powder, dill, and a sprinkle of curry powder. Then, I drained the rice and stir-fried it with the rest.

What put it over the top, though, was the addition of a little miso and some left over bacon, which I chopped fine and added with a touch of soy before serving.
The carrots were simply steamed with a touch of dill, and the ‘sallad’ was some left over romaine hearts topped with a bit of shredded old cheddar and a drizzle of ceasar sallad dressing.
As I’ve explained to my BF on a number of occaisions, this sort of meal can be made with a minimal amount of fat, salt, and preservatives and makes use of ‘left overs’ rather than processed ‘foods’, so it’s healthy as well as deliscious!


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