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egg burritos

Written By: witchypo - May• 08•12

Believe it or not, until last summer, I’d never had and egg burrito. Once my BF showed me how, though, I learned to have fun with them and make left-overs into something yummy!

This batch started with the few ingredients I could scrounge in his kitchen, including hot peppers, olives, and Franks Hot Sauce. I diced the olives and pepper, set them aside, and then pulled out the bits of mushroom, onion, and pepper I could find and diced and stir fried them all together. Then, I added left over turkey bits, and browned the lot in a touch of olive oil and butter.

When they were sizzling, I poured in a couple of eggs mixed with milk and the Frank’s Hot, some dill, pepper, garlic powder and Taco spice. I stirred the lot till the eggs were fluffy, then topped them with cheese and seperated them into 2 equal parts. I then laid the wraps out on the counter, smeared them with nacho cheese dipping sauce, and laid the egg out on them before rolling them up. Then, I wiped the pan clean, dropped in a little garlic butter and olive oil, got the pan good and hot, and then cooked the wraps (rolling them to crispen each side) until they were toasty-golden.

While I’m not big on processed foods or hot¬†spices, I have to admit that the flavour was amazing and helped to ‘justify’ adding all the cheese and ‘bite’ because these things were amazing!

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