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Written By: witchypo - Sep• 13•12

Sometimes, I get ‘impressions’… quick thoughts, gut feelings, or flashes of intuition… that usually come out of left field but seem significant. Most times, I tend to doubt them, but experience has taught me that that can be a mistake.
Take what happenned this week, for example…
This Monday, while trying to unwind after work, I recalled having left my wallet in the car and considered leaving it there until I got the gut feeling that my car might get broken into. So, I went out to get it and, as I did, thought that I’d be put on cash at work the next day at work and that it’d suck. So, I decided to get my crap together and be ready for it. As I turned to go back inside, though, I got hit with the distinct impression that my BF was up to something… possibly with a particular blonde… and considered checking it out, but then I decided that I either trusted him or didn’t, and took my wallet into the house.
‘Paranoid!’ I scolded myself, but when my BF didn’t call that night like he usually does, my gut cramped around an ‘I told you so!’ and I had a bugger of a time trying to sleep.
Then, when I tried to leave for work Tuesday, I discovered someone had not only broken into… but broken my car… I got put into training on cash at work and it was hellish… and when my BF called that night, he was strangely uncommunicative.
Sonofabitch! I thought, and the week went downhill from there.
In fact, by Wednesday night when I met him for drinks, I couldn’t take anymore – apologized – and asked my BF to tell me what’d happenned because I just wanted to ‘deal’ and get it over with.  At first, he acted as though he had no idea what I was talking about, but then, he said that ‘there was this one thing…’ and… sonofabitch… I’d nailed it right down to ‘who’ was involved!
Of course, I can’t take any joy in that but I can take it as a reminder to trust my intuition in the future. I’ve also got to say that I am glad I sometimes get these impressions to help me make choices and deal with the curve balls life throws my way.

(As for my BF, I’m glad that he’s trustworthy and appreciate his honesty, but I’ve got the gut feeling that as long as he keeps making the kinds of choices he did Monday night, I won’t be changing my mind about a certain place he’s dying to get to. )

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