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the tuning fork affect

Written By: witchypo - Dec• 05•12

I was doing yoga.   I’d lain myself out in the ‘corpse’ position, added a mudra to it for the first time, and waited to see ‘if’ or ‘how’ it might affect things.   Moments later, I felt the familiar tingle of energy flowing through me and rolled my closed eyes ‘downward’ as though to look at myself. Rather than my chest and feet, though, all I ‘saw’ was a set of energy lines extending out over the floor like a giant tuning fork.   ‘Tuning fork…!?’ My eyes popped open and I broke the pose.

‘Wait!’ my brain directed. ‘Legs… lines… tines…’ It used images like words to show me that while similarity of form was likely the source of this vision, human bodies – and the energy lines they contain – and tuning forks might also be said to share a functional link because when either are ‘hit’ with energy, they absorb, transfer, concentrate, and then release it in a different form.

An image of a guy-clad combatant using nothing but his body and the power of ‘chi’ to defend himself popped into my head and I understood my brain was implying that practices like yoga and martial arts might help us to use this tuning fork affect to some advantage. Never a fan of cheese-y martial arts movies, though, I almost laughed out loud. Instead, I reconnected my fingertips and closed my eyes to find out if I could see the tuning fork again.

I did, and the first thing I noticed was that it was comprised of countless, tiny, greeny-white dots of ‘light’ that only appeared to form solid lines because each vibrated as it moved through me with its fellows. ‘Energy is matter… matter is energy…!’ I thought, but before I could wrap my head around what my gut was telling me, I was distracted by a wave of energy welling ‘up’ out of my feet.

Focusing on that instead, I followed it as it ‘rose’ up my legs, lapped up over my hips, and spilled down into my abdomen where it set off a tingle of almost ‘sexual’ excitement. ‘WTF?!’ I thought, but the energy was on the move again, sparking a ball of warmth beneath my navel… then my sternum…

‘Chakras!’ I thought, while wishing I knew more about them. ‘It’s ‘lighting up’ my chakras!’

‘And you expected different…?’ my mind inquired the sort of tone a teacher might use on a tardy student.

I hadn’t ‘expected’ anything. Having seen it, though, I felt this vision might some day help me to understand some things that currently eluded me.

‘And that makes a difference…? my mind challenged.

I almost said ‘no’, but stopped myself.

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