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here’s a joke for ya’…

Written By: witchypo - Jan• 03•13

So, a chick’s shooting stick near the bar when she over hears two guys sharing relationship advice. Just as she’s expecting a ‘Hallmark moment’, though, the first guy gets frustrated. ‘I know…!’ He raises one hand, palm outward. ‘My mouth’s what causes most of my problems.’ ‘No shit!’ the other agrees. ‘Like… you don’t just tell your old lady about the hooker you had cause it’s mean and’ll only hurt her feelings!’ ‘Yah! ‘Cause when your old lady finds out that you not only thought about… but went out and bought yourself sex with a hooker, she’ll be glad you spared her feelings by lying to her!’ the chick thinks, when she realizes she’s waiting for a punch line that’s not coming. Thank goodness we’re not dating those guys, eh ladies…? Kinda’ reminds me of a line Mulder used in the Xfiles…

“You’re an invertebrate scum sucker whose moral dipstick’s about two drops short of bone-dry.”

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