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Goodbye Witchypoo

Written By: witchypo - Mar• 03•13

Years ago when I chose the witchypoo.com domain name, it was as much to poke fun at myself as to suit my esoteric interests. Once Witchypoo became the only name by which some people knew me, though, I kept it year to year and host to host for the sake of convenience and sentimentality.
Last week, when I realized it’d been ages since I’d bothered to post anything to my site, though, I wondered if it might be time for a change. My interests and life style had changed many times in the decade or so I’d been Witchypoo, as had the ways people used the net.
No sooner had I thought it, though, than I discovered my domain name registration had expired (ding, dong, the witch was dead!) and I needed to choose a new one. ‘But, which one…?’ I wondered.
As I mulled it over, two thoughts stuck out from all the rest.
The first was that, despite my intent to share some of myself through my site, I’d seldom if ever posted an unguarded word. The second was that, while I have to share almost every moment and aspect of my life with others, this was the one place I could do what I wanted… the one place that was truly ‘mine’.
So, with the help of the amazing staff at A Small Orange, I chose ‘Just Lynn.com’ as my new domain name, and will be working to rebuild my site to better reflect who I am now. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but hope that – in the long run – it’ll be worth it.

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