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Written By: witchypo - Jun• 20•13

Hung out with the boys last night and did a little sketching. The Dog challenged me to draw some things which was cool ’cause buddies used to do that when I was a teenager and it gave me something to ‘play’ with. Then, my BF and them started hassling me because I never finnish a sketch. Of course ‘finnish’ is a relative term but they didn’t want to hear that so I stuck with one longer than I normally would have and it turned out okay.

sketch of a vaguely native looking male

sketch: male, south american?

Of course, the proportion, postion, shading, etc. aren’t great, but I’ve only been drawing for a few weeks so I can’t let that get to me. More importantly, I found that when I ‘tried’ to draw things they often didn’t work out very well, but when I turned my hand loose and just let it do its thing, it’d suddenly get better. The botom right portion of this sketch, for example, was drawn with conscious effort, while the bottom left was my hand playing with shading…

detail of native looking man

detail of native looking man


I think the feathers turned out much better, and I really liked the way their edges turned out. May have to play with that some more : )

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