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recipe for chocolate balls

Written By: witchypo - Nov• 24•13

This winter, I got the urge to make a chocolate drop cookie I hadn’t made in decades. When I pulled the recipe out to see if I had everything I needed, though, I was mortified by the cups and cups of white sugar and lard it required. So, I played with the recipe a little. First, I replaced the sugar with honey, peppermint Kallua, and some brown sugar. Then, I replaced the lard with some olive oil, and coconut oil. Finally, lacking other options, I spruced it up with some flax seeds and Rice Crispies.

rolling chocolate balls

Now, whenever I want some ‘chocolate brownies’ for my ice cream or just a quick cocholate kick, I can reach into the freezer and pull a couple out. If I ever find the original recipe and get a decent photo of the finnished product, I’ll post an update.
rolling chocolate balls

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