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recipe for chocolate balls

This winter, I got the urge to make a chocolate drop cookie I hadn’t made in decades. When I pulled the recipe out to see if I had everything I needed, though, I was mortified by the cups and cups of white sugar and lard it required. So, I played with the recipe a little. […]

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recipe for turkey rice soup for Penny & B

Hey hun, Here’s how I made this week’s soup… I started by roasting a frozen 8-10 lbs turkey (with 1 med onion diced on it) in a dutch oven type roasting pan at 250 degrees for about 5-6 hrs. Then, I cooled and de-boned it. Next, I filled a large stock pot to about 2/3 […]

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recipe for borscht

When my boyfriend herd that I made borscht, he asked me to make him some. This time, I started with 2 pounds of ground beef, and about 3/4 of a pound of kielbasa, which I fried, drained, and set aside. Then, I diced a medium sized white onion, 2 cloves of garlic, and some leek, […]

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